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1. Fancy yourself as a bit of a sports journalist?Been to or played in a bout lately and want to tell Australia about your experience?
Struggling through training or overcome obstacles that tried to prevent you from playing?
Want to tell Australia about your favourite team or athlete?
If you have a Roller Derby story, we want it! (Photos too if you have them)
send your submissions to

2. We would love to feature an AUSSIE roller girl a week - if you would like to tell us a bit about yourself please send your answers to the following questions and a photo (if you have one to: rollerderbyau@hotmail.comDerby name:
 Team name:
League Name:
1.    How long have you been skating (inline/artist/derby)?
2.    When did you start playing roller derby?
3.    How did you choose your derby name?
4.    What do you do in your non derby time?
5.    Gnarliest moment on 8 wheels
6.    What position do you like playing and why?
7.    What do you think is the single best exercise that makes you the athlete you are?
8.    Do you an inspirational motto?
9.    Best tip for fresh meat try outs?
10. What is your off skates exercise regime?
11. What do you love most about Roller Derby?